We offer educational classes, conduct Olympiads for skill development, also conduct promotional events, road shows, award ceremonies, fashion shows, live concerts, social events and all for social causes, where any person can take part. We give free activity classes and free evening classes have been provided for slum children to provide them with the capability of doing noble things in PAN INDIA.  Activity classes for children who want to pursue talent or learn something new, and children who cannot afford tuition fees.

As most of the families in the target area belong to Below Poverty Line (BPL) families. Their parents are illiterate and they are unable to teach their children 0r to give them any other class which can enhance their talent.  We often see, people with some disability feel helpless as they usually don’t get any platform to show their talent and also people usually organize events, shows for the stereotype people with slim body, tall height, fair look etc. but We TDPI are giving those people who are not less than anyone and have unlimited talent a platform. Our main focus is to work for the development of society. To overcome this situation, the TDPI regularly conducts free tuition classes to the students of villages during evening times and holidays and organizes events, shows, Olympiads, live concerts for their all over development and to break the stereotype.  A dedicated and committed team of creative people are co-operating and working for the same on a continuous basis.


Our work aims to break the vicious cycle of illiteracy and social isolation and to restore hope for a better future. We believe that every person has the right to access education and to be independent and to showcase their talent whatever the situation is in order to live and develop with dignity and to become an active and contributing member of our society.

We organize events so that we can support and encourage talent, also to raise awareness in the rural areas.


  • To provide Social, Educational and Economic empowerment to everyone all over India.
  • To leave an impact on this world through our programs which depend upon social causes.
  • To provide jobs to make individuals independent.
  • To increase our chain more all over India to raise awareness in rural areas about education, social causes, health issues etc.
  • To work for all over development and growth of society through education, jobs, events, seminars, different shows and concerts.
  • To provide education to those who can’t afford quality education.
  • To host Olympiads, skill development programs.
  • To encourage every group to fulfill their dream.
  • To support each and every person by giving a platform to showcase their talent through events, live shows, road shows, award ceremonies and contests.
  • To make people independent and self confident through hosting such activities.
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