I started TrueDreams Projects India Private Limited in 2018 , It was incorporated on 10 December, 2018 and is located in Delhi. The TRUEDREAMS PROJECTS INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED focuses on providing Primary education to Underprivileged and marginalized sections of society and also to encourage every talent and Our organization also runs 100% free scholarship programs and sanitary hygiene drives.

We also run vocational skill development that helps students to learn new and basic skills. Our organization also provides environmental awareness drives to aware students about environmental awareness and how they can protect the environment. Our vision is to provide all the necessary education to the poor and needy students who somehow weren’t able to get these opportunities to give them a platform to showcase their talent.


  • IN 2019 I got award from Maharashtrian Skilled Development Council for doing social causes.
  • In 2020 I got ACE Business Awards 2020 for best business.
  • In 2021 I was invited as a judge in Miss India and got Jury Award
  • Then I got Global India Business Forum Award for doing best for society, for providing quality education to the children.
  • Self Made Man of The Year 2021 (Education Sector)
  • And then it never stopped and got a lot of awards for doing social causes.
  • SMEBIZZ Entrepreneurs Star Awards 2021
  • International Glory Awards 2021
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